Winter X Games 2013 Schedule

Winter X is upon us again. Don’t miss out on any of the “five-peats,” misnamed tricks, or mind blowing oh my god did you just see that let me get my calculator out action. This is the best thing since December in Mammoth.




Interview with Big Mountain Snowboarder of the Year: Jeremy Jones

Chambo caught up with Jeremy Jones last week in Mammoth, CA. Click below to hear about what has been happening since “Further” and what plans Jones has for the future of his trilogy. Jeremy speaks his mind regarding the BC and the season that is absolutely ripping the Sierra Nevada a new one.

Jeremy Jones Interview

further trailer

Lift Ticket Christmas Tree

Here’s how to trim the sickest tree with plenty of steeze. This aint for your mom or any of the Martha Stewart types. Trim your thicket with your sticky lift tickets.


Turning Scandal into Jibbortunity


Atheists are battling it out with the Catholics over a statue of Jesus at Whitefish Mountain Resort.  A US District Court will decide the matter, however a Jesus Jib and Rail Jam might be cheaper and more entertaining. Here’s the lowdown.

One of the most-gnar mountain towns, Whitefish, erected a statue of Jesus as tribute to the members of the 10th Mountain Division–the skiing soldiers who brought skiing to the masses after World War II by starting a massive number of ski areas all across the west.

The pedestal provides a perfect wall ride setup, and the sculpted head a challenging bonk.


These guys saved the planet and introduced skiing to the masses, and all they got was a statue? Said statue wasn’t even a likeness of one of them! Our planet’s finest at least deserved free lap dances in any fine gentleman’s establishment for the rest of their lives. All they got was a statue of Jesus. If any group had any injury to complain of, it would certainly be the 10th Mountain Division.

This all happened about 60 years ago. Years later everyone in the most-excellent town of Whitefish thought nothing of it. They just shredded next to the big J like everyone had one in a pocket or gold chain or fireplace mantel. Whitefish is just that cool. Gapers stopped to take photos, which eliminated the need for the gaper gap for identification.

Proud young men would occasionally adorn the outstretched hands with panties stolen from their sister’s closet in efforts to impress their companions of sexual prowess. After robust nights, the statue resembled a panty tree…of life.

Freeriders poached the pedestal wall ride. All was good, until a dark cloud slowly emerged from the horizon, probably somewhere near Bozeman.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation got their tunics in a bunch and decided they were injured by the statue. We are not talking the injury that comes from racking your junk on a Jesus sized feature though. NO. No. It was a serious mental injury. This does not imply atheists are mentally feeble however. Mental abuse is far more damaging than physical abuse.

The Catholics responded that the Atheists didn’t even know what abuse was. Sexual abuse. Now, sexual abuse is something to cry about.  The Catholic priests could teach the atheists a thing or two about that. Unfortunately, the Catholic priests were not the ones arguing with the atheists. Perhaps they were busy with some court cases of their own–or just busy. Probably busy. The priests left the fighting to the Nights of Columbus, who are neither Nights, nor from Columbia or Spain.

The Nights of Columbus are Catholic, so they really love figurines of Jesus, but not birth control.

The Nights considered moving the statue to non-federal land. This would resolve the perception that the government wants citizens to shred on or near Jesus. However, the thought of moving Jesus in, say, a Walmart parking lot seemed cheap and contrived (at least outside of the Christmas holiday shopping season).

The transfer options are endless: wall ride to head, hand to rail, chest to nose tap…


The 10th Mountain Division liked to shred next to the Head because it reminded them of the statues atop mountains in Europe.  But they are all dead about now, or are in a home and have forgotten where they placed their dentures. (Editors Note: Check the nightstand).

Now, the Not-So Nights of Columbus lease the land for the statue and have decided not to move it. The oldest one of them all remembered why Jesus was at the party in Whitefish and explained it to everyone on the mountain. Members gathered around the shrine to testify. The faithful sang “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” and well-paid lawyers listened.

Here is the death match:

Yea for the J

The Nights of Columbus lease the land from the Forest Service for the monument  just as Whitefish Mountain Resort leases the land for skiing.  Therefore there is separation of church and State. The forest service (State) no more endorses Jesus than they do skiing. The nights do not wear helmets while riding as the pope does not condone the use of protection. They firmly reject any notion of Jibbing on Jesus or using him on or near any terrain park. They still call terrain parks “That snowboard area.”

Nay for the J

The atheists cannot wear helmets due to the size of the frontal lobes. They believe skis were neither meant to slide rails nor the statue’s prominent nose.  They believe that any expression of religion on federal property is inappropriate. At the time of publication they were firmly against any rail jam competition to settle the case. No intellectual dispute should be resolved physically.

The Nights responded that, “Losers walk.”

Through all of this no one has asked, WWJD? Would He care about a concrete feature in his image?

And to that, I say NAY. Better the question, What Would Jesus Jib?

Whitefish Mountain Resort is super stoked that people are talking about them and not Whistler or Vail. Says Dan Graves, president of the Whitefish Mountain Resort,  “I was a little outraged and I think many people were.”

He hopes.


The Gentlemen Skiers. Yes!

This is a must listen for anyone with a sense of humor and who lives to ride. Eh? Somebody more gifted than me needs to remix.

Boost it.


Side 1

1. Winterland
2. Two Boards
3. Wacky Waxer
4. Oola
5. Here’s to the Skier
6. Sven

Side 2

1.Skiers Medley
2. Skiers Lament
3. Under the Take-off
4. Sun Valley
5. Winter Song
6. Ski Heil


The Wegeman Brothers

According to, “Paul Wegeman skied for Western State College and Denver University, and in 1951 won the Skimeister Trophy at the Dartmouth Winter Carnival, given to the best all-around skier. Wegeman competed in the 1950 World Championships as well as the 1952 Winter Olympics. He later became a ski instructor in Vail, and then helped develop the Steamboat Springs ski area. He was inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame in 1998. His father, Al, and his brother, Keith, are also members of that Hall of Fame.” Read More


Keith Wegeman competed for Denver University, and was on US teams at the 1950 World Championships and the 1952 Winter Olympics. After graduation he was an instructor in the US Army Mountain and Cold Weather Training Company. Wegeman later moved to California where he became a ski instructor, and host of a televised ski instruction show. In the 1960s Keith Wegeman was the human figure used in the Jolly Green Giant television commercials. His daughter, Katherine Kelly Lang, became a well-known actress, best remembered as Brooke Logan Forrester on the American soap opera, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Along with his father, Al, and brother, Paul, Keith Wegeman is a member of the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame, inducted in 1989. READ MORE



Review: All.I.Can, JP Auclair Street Segment

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.



JP Auclair’s urban vid is a must see!

Progression has fueled ride videos at a blistering pace the last few years, producing nothing less than steeze. But have you noticed the heavily abused formula? Creative, full throttle, and go big or go home mentality on the snow hasn’t always converted to cinematic risk taking. Yes, each year filmmakers deliver an extra spin, new angle, bigger kick, night shot and whatnot. Yes, we are amazed each time, but how ’bout a new storyline?

Enter All.I.Can–Specifically JP Auclair’s segment.

The dogfather of newschool kills, but the thing that sets this segment apart is the creative editing and photography, thanks to Dave Mossop & JP Auclair (directors of the segment). This segment is pure poetry of the snow. Never has the soul of urban riding been  so craftily illuminated. Without a single word, Auclair narrates the tale of urban expedition and damn near answers the meaning of life for a select few.

The movie Top Gun made countless kids want to be a pilot. Well This segment will undoubtedly inspire groms to migrate to BC, grow old, swear off gangsta rap and ride to work. Although the seemingly endless run through the neighborhood is farfetched, Auclair and Mossop spin a dope dream.

Auclair may be  an O.G. in the  BC,  but this vid proves his relevance in this Triple Cork world.  All.I.Can is more than enough.



Here’s another reason forswear gangsta rap: Dance Yrself Clean, by LCD Soundsystem

Get the whole thing here:

All.I.Can, Sherpas Cinema
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