Henrik Harlaut Unleashes Sickest Trick Ever

–Henrik Harlaut Wins X Games Big Air With Stealthy Steeze
Harlaut showed up at the Big Air last Saturday putting on a clinic on style. Heading through the prelims, Harlaut nose buttered the takeoffs, tweaked the grabs, and merely doubled. Merely say ye? Absent were the triples thrown by Bobby and company.

In fact triples were the talk of Aspen all weekend. Skiers had finally joined the game–or so  many opined. Forget that Brown opened triples to the world long before X Games last year. But everyone itched for skiers to legitimize the fact live on ESPN.

Triples were now so common, even Shaun White had thrown one in slopestyle. Yet Henrik Harlaut, taught us that style can’t be jocked. He won that comp with soul and creativity. Then on the last run of the competition, on what should have been a typical victory lap, Harlaut unleashed the devil conceived only in his mind at the prodding of Tanner Hall. The BEST TRICK EVER.

Feast on the Nose Butter Triple Cork 1620 below.

Oh yeah, Schlopy threw, and nearly landed, a 1980. Oh my god. The first trick named for a year I can actually remember.

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