Mt Baker Holds Deepest Snowbase in the World!

Next series of storms to move through Central and Southern California Wednesday/Thursday!

(Monday 12/10/12 6:00pm)


As we approach the winter solstice things are looking much better for ski areas across the US, and leading the pack is the Pacific Northwest. Mt Baker once again has proven what an amazing natural snowmaking machine it is as they currently hold the deepest snowbase of any ski area in the world! 123 inches at Pan Dome! Conditions in the Central US and New Mexico are looking better and better. Northern and Central California are off to a good start and now Southern California and Northern Arizona may be getting into the mix. A series of storms will move through mainly Central and Southern California with decent snow producing potential. Central California and the West side of the Sierra may see the highest accumulations.


1st wave hits Wednesday evening with chances for heavy snowfall early Thursday morning. There is not a lot of water associated with this storm, however snow accumulations could be fairly moderate. Temperatures will be cold Thursday morning. Right now i’m guessing 1-2 feet of snow by Thursday night. Then the storm continues into Northern Arizona Thursday night into Friday. Look out Snowbowl! I will be keeping my fingers crossed. More to come…




Update: (Wednesday 12/12/12 8:00am)


Previous data changed. Storm split of shore hitting Northern California first. Kirkwood has already seen about a foot of new snow. A lot of energy will drive south down the coast today. Expect up to a foot of new snow for Southern California. More updates to come…



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